• http://easyfitnesswebsites.com/blog Tony M

    Nice list. I stopped using plastic bags quite some time ago at the grocery store. I’ve been using paper since I recycle. Well today I hit the store and the darn bags are shorter and thinner paper.

    I guess they are pushing for their canvas bags though plastic is plentiful. I don’t like those canvas ones because they only hold a couple of apples, a tomato and a cucumber.

  • sirenab


    Very cool man. Once you stop using plastic bags, you begin to realize how much we accumulate. I still have a whole pantry of plastic bags from my pre-canvas days. I know that some stores take them back to recycle.

    Plastic sucks. Period.

    Thanks for hanging.


  • http://news.runtowin.com Blaine Moore

    Nice list!

    I’ve got a few handled…I bring my own bags to the store, I use a stainless steel canteen, I buy fresh food, I get eggs in cardboard containers, and I usually skip using a bag for my fruit and veggies (unless I’m getting something like beans or quinoa) Technically, I could count the lotion as well since I just don’t use any which means no plastic, right?

    As for brown paper bags, now that we bring canvas bags to the store, we’ve run out of brown paper bags. With the shredding and recycling of our old financial paperwork, we’ve managed to go through our remaining paper bags and have run out since we haven’t needed to get bags from the grocery store for a couple years now.

    On a related note, have you ever heard of Atayne? They recycle plastics into performance athletic wear. Great company:


  • sirenab

    Wow Blanie, that’s great! Looks like you do a lot as it is to help reduce waste. I looked at the link — there are some cool clothes. Do they feel any different, since they’re made from plastic?

    Thanks for stopping by again!


  • amy

    what is better when using the WF bulk items- the plastic container or the bags? Are they essentially the same–I wish they could up with something else

  • sirenab

    Meh, that’s a toughie. Some of the WF’s I’ve been to actually use paper bags. In this case, probably the containers as they’re easier to recycle.

    Thanks for commenting Amy! I’ll be in touch with you soon about NYC in April! Love you!

  • http://news.runtowin.com Blaine Moore

    Sirena – they’re good shirts.

    They feel pretty similar to any other “tech” shirt (polyester etc), you wouldn’t know they were made from recycled materials if you were given one and had never heard of Atayne before.

  • sirenab

    Cool, Blaine! I checked out that blog you mentioned on my Facebook. I’ll have to check them out along with some hemp wear.

    How was the conference this weekend? I wish I could have gone :(

  • http://www.waterfillz.com Ben

    Good list! I try to do a lot of these things already but the paper bag for trash idea is a new one that I’ll have to start doing. I’ve tried using bio-degradable trash bags but the quality is often pretty poor.

    I just recently worked on a website for a company (www.waterfillz.com) that makes water purification kiosks for schools, events and locations with lots of people passing through. The machines let people get purified water that retains minerals for free without having to buy a plastic bottle with it. It’s obviously overkill for home-use but for places like schools, etc it is a great way to promote cutting down on plastic bottle usage and waste.


  • sirenab

    Hi Ben!

    Thank you so much for the comment and for stopping by :) )

    Only thing about using the brown paper bags is that if you put anything wet in it, it tears. But still better than plastic.

    I checked out the http://www.waterfillz.com website. You really made worked on the website? It looks awesome!!! And I have actually seen the machines in grocery stores.

    Thanks again Ben! :) )


  • bob

    all this stuff is kul

  • V.K.Rai

    The plstic bags should not be given free of cost and customers be encouraged to bring old plastics also. At conferences and marriages water bottles should be banned.Every other day in Environmental Conferenecs also water bottles are seen to be used. They should be discouraged as well as banned also. In hotels it has become fashionable to ask for mineral water where all facilities should be available to provide the best quality drinking water.If a hotel can not serve good quality water how can it serve good food ?,

  • http://www.ezsrecipes.com Emily Z

    Hi, there. I have a food/recipe blog that I am, during Earth Month, going to utilize to promote environmental issues. One of the big campaigns I am gearing up to start is an anti-plastic campaign. I was wondering if I could use this post as inspiration. Feel free to e-mail me and let me know. Feel free to stay tuned to my posts as well! I came across this article completely by accident in a Google search and I am glad I did!

  • sirenab

    Hi Emily,

    That’s so awesome, and I’m glad you stumbled upon it too. You can totally use it, for sure. I checked out your blog, looks awesome!

    Let me know if there is anything else I can help or contribute :)



  • Guest From Sanity

    I love plastic. Those plastic bags at the supermarket are very strong and with handholds easier to carry than the brown bags. Outdoor gear is now waterproof and air permeable thanks to teflon. Skies with teflon surfaces are much less effort to use. Camping without plastics would have worn my joints out long ago. Medicine would be back a generation and millions unvaccinated without plastic medical products. Plastic food containers make shipment of foods much more energy efficient as to weight.

    The problem with plastic is that it is too good and too cheap, even one use items are proof against corrosion. The real problem is we who use it and abandon it to the elements which are not brutal enough to break it down right away. We can produce plastics that do break down, and we should.

    Another problem that enough people don’t keep their eyes on is the chemical interaction between some plastics and our biology. This needs to be analyzed and health effects determined and made more public.

    By the way, a lot of plastic is not made from oil, but from natural gas. Some plastics can be made from wood and soy products.

    It’s quite fascinating.

  • Tam

    You should do a little more research before bashing Tupperware! Tupperware is a SAFE plastic and is designed and approved for food storage. It also lasts forever so there is no waste. They have products that help you keep your food fresh and also veggies in the fridge for weeks on end! If you are one of those people who refer to every plastic container at Walmart as Tupperware, then you should change your statement to read “plastic containers”. Some glass containers contain lead especially the newer cheap things including the new pyrex which is made in China and will leach lead into your food, especially in the microwave. Just saying….do your research before you post please! Thanks for letting my share my information!

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    With everything back together, your garbage disposal should be running smooth once again.