• vkr

    Hello Sirena.

    I have a question for you…Before that some background. I am 28 years old mother of 14 month old. I have been interval training for sometime now (about 3 months or so at a stretch), though with the small one I dont get to do it every week. Sometimes, I miss 4-5 days. I was about 165 pounds when I started and wanted to lose about 15 pounds. But, here is what has happened – I have a better sculpted body, built up lots of muscle, have reduced my waist by atleast 2 sizes (my jeans are so loose, they just slip down my waist), have thinner thighs too….but I weigh atleast 5 pounds more than what I started… I am now at 170 pounds. I have been eating healthy for ages now, and I am a vegetarian. Can you please advice what I am doing wrong? I would really love to lose some pounds.

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