• Caily

    That pizza looks amazing, i would have chosen those exact toppings! thanks for the review, i dont venture down to Boston very often, but i would love to check that place out, good gluten free anything in restaurants is hard to find!

  • sirenab

    Caily! Thanks so much for the comment! The pizza was amazing and def worth the trip down here. They uselocal ad organic ingredients and the beer was good too :) If ever make it down here, let me know, we can grab a bite sometime!

  • http://www.stonehearthpizza.com Jonathan Schwarz

    Sirenab – thanks so much for giving us a try, and we are so glad you enjoyed it. We’ve been serving gluten free for two and a half years now, and love it! We are all ears on the feedback front, so thank you for your candid write-up! Next time try some of our GF pasta, and be sure to try our meatball poppers – all GF! Thank you.

  • sirenab

    Hi Jonathan!

    Thank you so much for your comment. I had a great time with my friends, and your pizza was awesome…for real. I recently tried another local pizza eatery, which was also very good, but the fact you had gluten free brownies…won my heart :)

    I look forward to visiting again soon!



  • http://www.gloryfoods.co.uk/ gluten free pizza

    Thanks for supporting the gluten free family.